Help Me Up foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that strives to help the already hard-working youth reach their potential through providing them with information and resources they need to further their studies after finishing matric/high school.

Registration No.: 196-240 NPO

About the HMU website

The primary purpose of this website is to make applying for higher education less of a mission especially for those who are not familiar with the internet. Information on this site was collected from the universities’, colleges’, NBT’s, and bursaries’ websites and summarised into the important information that will help learners navigate these sites with ease while trying to apply. This comes after the realisation that institutions have the information for everyone affiliated with them on their (one) website, therefore can make it difficult for a learner who is not familiar with the internet to navigate through all the information to what they need. Also, truth be told, it is nice to have all the information you need right in front of you (on one site), because this also acts as a checklist for you. Comments and suggestions are welcome on what works about the site and how we can improve it.

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Background , Vision, and Objective

The idea of HMU was birthed in June 2017 during the mid-year holiday after meeting an old friend and he shared how he would like to go study but he didn’t have any funding. After 23+ years post-democracy, great inequality still exists and although many people of colour have been managing to do well for themselves; most young people from the previously oppressed racial groups still experience the effects of apartheid. The greatest of these being the barriers to accessing good quality education, including higher education.

Coming from a low socio-economic background, Hloni only managed to further his studies through sponsorships. Higher education was made affordable for him by a full bursary from his municipality and sponsorship from an entrepreneur who’s originally from his township. These two sources came together independently but cumulatively making entrance into a higher institution possible for him. Another key factor was that there were a few other people who helped him search for funding. This together with similar stories from his friends, and the barrier that finances are to a lot of students of colour with great potential lead him into asking the question, “What if there was a platform where the hard-working students from low SES backgrounds can have access to information & resources to help them further their studies and reduce if not eliminate the financial burden?

Our vision is to see more South Africans being more informed about the opportunities that lie ahead, with an emphasis on rural & township youth.

The organisation’s main objective is to provide resources for the youth of South Africa to further their studies. Our secondary objective is to collaborate with other organisations that can help us achieve our main objective.