Importance of Grade 11 & NBT results for University acceptance.

Most people would think applying to university is solely based on your grade 12 results.

This is false as the application process starts with your grade 11 November report, which you use to apply when you are in grade 12. Applications usually open around April - September, at which time some Universities require your grade 11 and available grade 12 results. Your grade 11 results can convince the university you are applying to to accept you provisionally, and your matric results will be used to confirm your acceptance if they are as equally good. The Admission Point Score (APS) system is a system used to allocate point values to the levels of achievement obtained for your matric subjects. Some universities take into account all 7 subjects while others exclude Life Orientation.

E.g. A learner who got 7 distinctions will either have an APS of 49 or 42 depending on the University.

The APS will then determine whether you qualify for a particular course that you wish to apply for. It is therefore important that you start calculating your APS from as early as March in grade 11 and checking if you qualify for the degree you would like to study at the university of your choice. This will help you gauge your performance and improve or keep working hard as required.

The National Benchmark Test (NBT) is of equal importance as it assesses your academic readiness for university education, based on your language and mathematical skills that you demonstrated in the NBT exam. Grade 11 November results and/or Grade 12 June results + final grade 12 results (as depicted on your NSC) will result in securing a space at the higher learning institution of your dreams.

NOTE: Whether you think your results are good enough or not, we encourage you to apply. Apply to as many institutions as possible to increase your chances of studying after matric.